Other Uses

Construction-Cement Sector

For strength-enhancing and insulating purposes (In the construction of more robust, lightweight and earthquake-heat resistant buildings and insulation)

Glass fiber

The glass fiber which has a place in the production of rubber and paper as well as plastics, industrial fibers etc. thanks to its light nature, resistance to the tensile and durability to chemical reactions, gives the hardness and durability to the materials in which it is used. Thus, the indurated plastics has started to substitute the automotive, aircraft, steel and other metal industries. In addition, it is also used in sports equipment (skis, tennis rackets etc.).

Wood protection

It is used as a protector agent and flame retardant against bacteria and decay.

Nuclear Applications

In atomic reactors; boron steels, boron carbide and titanium-boron alloys are used. Stainless boron steel, is preferred as neutron absorber. Approximately each boron absorbs a neutron of atom. In addition to control systems of atomic reactors, boron is also used in cooling ponds and in closure of reactors through alarm.


Borates are used as a protective slag-forming agent and melting accelerator in the non-ferrous metal industry thanks to its ability to form a smooth, sticky, protective and clean, burr-free liquid. Boron compounds are consumed in the electrolyte coating industry to obtain electrolytes. While boric acid is used in nickel plating, the fluoborates and fluoboric acids are used as an electrolyte for non-ferrous metals such as tin-lead, copper and nickel. They are used particularly in increasing the toughness of the steel. In this respect, the ferroboron has gained a considerable importance. The addition of 50 ppm boron in steel production improve the hardenability quality of the steel.

Automobile Airbags, Anti-freeze

Boron is used to ensure immediate swelling of the airbags. During the crash, the boron and the mixture of potassium nitrate powder are actuated by electronic sensors. The total time for actuation of the system and mobilization of the airbag is 40 milliseconds. In addition, it is used as antifreeze in cars and also used in hydraulic systems.


BNCT (Boron Neutron Capture Therapy) is used in cancer treatment. Especially in the treatment of brain cancers, it may be preferable for its nature that allows to the destruction of selected cancerous cell and gives minimal damage to the healthy cells.

The boron in metabolism adjust the balance of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. It helps to the formation of healthy bones and development of muscles and brain functions.

Missile / Flight Fuels

Boron chemicals are especially used as missile fuel. Sodium tetraborate is used as fuel additives for special applications.

Waste Cleaning

Sodium borohydride is used in order to clean the water from heavy metals such as mercury, lead and silver in the wastewater.

Boron Solid fuels / Fuel cells

The studies on the fuel cells in which sodium borohydride is used and which produce energy from sodium borohydride has gained a momentum recently. Sodium borohydride has hydrogen in its chemical bonds, and it either releases catalyst hydrogen or produces electricity. The basic principle in this production is the reaction of boron with water. The hydrogen generated from this reaction may be fed directly to internal combustion engines or used in fuel cells.

Energy Production and Heat Storage

The combination of boron, iron and rare earths (METGLAS) provides 70% energy savings. This powerful magnetic product is used in the computer disk drives, the automobiles' direct current engines and in household goods and portable power tools. Through the use of boron in batteries / accumulators in recent years, the costs are reduced and environmentally friendly batteries/accumulators started to be produced.


  • Fiber Optic
  • Cosmetics
  • Rubber and Plastics Industry
  • Photography
  • Explosive Substances (fireworks, etc.)
  • Antifreezes, hydraulic oils
  • Oil dyes, non-combustible and insoluble dyes, textile dyes
  • Abrasives and Corrosives
  • Composite materials
  • Magnetic devices
  • Advanced Technology Researches (molecular biology, etc.)
  • Mummification

Other various areas of use

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