Emet Boron Works

Emet Boron Works was established in Emet county, located 100 km southwest of Kütahya. Its mining sites are located in Hamamköy, 4 km from Hisarcık in the south and in Espey region, 3.5 km from Emet in the north.

Emet Boron Works was established in 1958 as Etibank-Emet Colemanite Mine Works Site Office and then, was changed into an "Establishment" on 24/02/1962. As of 01/05/1998, the establishment was formed into "Enterprise" following its restructuring. The Enterprise Directorate continues its activities under the name "Emit Boron Works" as affiliated to Eti Mine Works General Directorate as of 31/01/2004.

Within the enterprise today, colemanite ores are extracted in 2 open pits namely Hisarcık and Espey, and they are processed in crushing-grinding and concentrator plants. Besides, the Boric Acid production is performed in the Boric Acid Plant.


Hisarcik Colemanite (2CaO.3B3O2.5H2O)
Espey Colemanite (2CaO.3B2O3.5H2O)
Boric Acid (H3BO3)
Ultra Low-Sulphated Boric Acid (H3BO3)
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