Kirka Boron Works

Located in Kırka Town of the county of Seyitgazi/Eskisehir, Kırka Boron Works was established in 1970. The enterprise which was taken into operation through organization of the Construction Site in 1970, acquired the "plant" status with the groundbreaking of the concentrator, and started to operate in "enterprise status" in 1975 with the commissioning of the concentrator.

The Enterprise Directorate was changed into Kırka Boron Works Enterprise Directorate as of 01/04/1979 and then, through its restructuring, into Enterprise Directorate as of 01/05/1998. As of 31/01/2004, the enterprise continues its activities as "Kırka Boron Works" affiliated to Eti Mine Works General Directorate. Today, Etibor-48 (borax pentahydrate) is produced in a total of 4 operating plants.

The fifth Boron Derivatives Plant is currently in the phase of construction and will be commissioned in 2015. In addition, Etimatik Boron-based Cleaning Product has been taken into production within 2014. The investment on 30.000-ton capacity compacted calcined tincal production plant is still in progress and will be commissioned in 2015.


Etibor-48 (Borax Pentahydrate) (Na2B4O7.5H2O)
Etibor-68 (Anhydrous Borax) (Na2B4O7)
Calcined Tincal (Compressed)
Etimatik Boron-based Cleaning Product
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